Sunday, Feb 14th, 2016 2pm - 6:30pm

Love in the Hills

Renew your wedding vows with Sami Fine!
Photo credit: Desert Trends Photography
Sami Fine Jewelry invites you to renew your love during their world famous "Love in the Hills" wedding vow renewal ceremony.

Last year over 600 couples participated in this ceremony. Currently "Love in the Hills" is the largest renewal ceremony in Arizona, but Sami's is hoping to make it the largest ceremony in the world. As of 2014 the largest vow renewal ceremony, was achieved by 1087 couples during a ceremony at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio . Sami's hopes to exceed this record! Please join us for a day of "Love in the Hills". Bring your partner, and all of your closest friends. Participation is completely free and no formal paperwork is needed.